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This was the first house we sold and we went into the sale blindly. We did not expect the house would be difficult to sell, but it was. We hired Susan because we knew she was familiar with the neighbourhood and we respected her expertise as a business person. We trusted her to give us practical and solid advice. She put a huge effort into maximizing the availability of our home on the market; she used print, social media and held several open houses. We appreciated Susan’s efficacious and practical approach to finding a solution that worked for all parties in order to complete the deal. Susan is very knowledgeable about local services available and recommended dog kennels, handymen and other resources that someone less familiar with the community would not have been able to offer. Showing a house when you need to find a temporary lodging for two large dogs can be challenging. Among the many “dog stories" we had along our house-selling journey, there was one that still makes us laugh. One day, when the house was being shown to a prospective buyer, a young boy returned our dogs to the house. Thinking that he was the custodian of the dogs for the day, Susan explained to the boy that he needed to keep the dogs until the house was shown. It turned out that the dogs has escaped and this young boy was merely a good samaritan returning them home! Susan was easy to work with and I would not only hire her again but would recommend her to my best friend!